About La Casa

At La Casa de la Cultura we have the purpose of promoting and strengthening pride in our roots, traditions and ancestry, everything that defines us as individuals of a particular region or country.

The doors are open so that any culture, tradition or customs are promoted and that it is known where we come from and those things that are part of our identity.


Our vision is to strengthen the love for the culture, roots and traditions of the place where we come from, unified through art in all its forms of expression, making them accessible and affordable to the communities. Making the communities that make life around us able to learn from others and teach others by expressing themselves through their folklore and traditions, with festivities or celebrations and everything that represents a culture. The House of Culture provides a community-focused environment for children, youth, and adults to enjoy and feel proud of their roots.


Our mission is to create cultural spaces through artistic and folkloric manifestations, in a multiethnic environment. The purpose is to generate connections based on creativity, empathy, respect, equity, and tolerance. 


Throughout the year we hold a variety of eclectic events to celebrate and promote the cultural heritage and creativity of the people of the community such as: the diaspora gathering, exhibitions to promote local artists and youth, folkloric performances in various Activities and together with other organizations we celebrate the independence festival of Latin American countries, Spanish language day, various festivities or celebrations of the diasporas in our community. Visits to museums. Summer Concert Series/Musical Nights during the months of June, July and August. Our monthly First Friday Artwalks feature an exhibition of original art with artists hailing from across the United States and Mexico, as well as live music provided by local and international musicians.