About La Casa

At La Casa de la Cultura, we aim to promote and strengthen pride in our roots, traditions, and ancestry, everything that defines us as individuals from a particular region or country.
The doors are open for every culture, tradition, or customs to be promoted, and to know where we come from and those things that are part of our identity.
Established in Charlotte, NC, in 2022, Casa de la Cultura emerges as a beacon of cultural diversity thanks to the vision and dedication of its founders, Keudis Sánchez and Milagros Ugueto de Sánchez. This space stands as a sanctuary for artistic expression and the celebration of traditions, roots, and cultural heritages of all communities.
We create cultural spaces and activities that promote diversity, working at festivals and within the community to foster local culture and traditions. Our programs include workshops on photography, painting, and folk dances, with plans to add many more activities that further enrich our cultural offerings. Through cultural events, exhibitions, and festivals, La Casa de la Cultura provides a platform for the community to share and celebrate their unique cultural identities.
Our commitment goes beyond teaching and artistic practice; we strive to build bridges between diverse communities, promoting respect, empathy, and intercultural understanding. Ultimately, La Casa de la Cultura seeks to enrich the social fabric of Charlotte and strengthen the ties that unite us as global citizens.


We envision ourselves as a dynamic and vibrant nonprofit and future cultural center that serves as a meeting point for the community, where people can explore, learn, and share their knowledge about their own cultures and those of others. We aim to be recognized as leaders in promoting intercultural understanding and respect for diversity, thus contributing to the building of more inclusive and harmonious societies.

To become an inclusive and vibrant cultural center, recognized for promoting respect for diversity and contributing to the construction of a more tolerant, empathetic, and harmonious society.


To promote and strengthen pride in our roots, traditions, and ancestors, celebrating cultural diversity and fostering intercultural understanding.
At La Casa de la Cultura, our mission is to create an inclusive environment where people can celebrate and enrich their love for local and global culture, roots, and traditions through various artistic and folkloric expressions. We strive to foster meaningful connections based on creativity, empathy, respect, equity, and tolerance, thus promoting intercultural understanding and a sense of belonging in our community.